Mirror Mirror On the Wall

She thought she was his fairest of all.  She gave her new husband all she could.  Resuming their lives in the real world.  Working during the week and hanging out with friends on the weekend.  Since he was older than her he would enjoy an evening out at a night club with older mutual friends and she was more than fine with that.  She never wanted to hold him back or nag him into submission so that she was comfortable.  During their world wind 10 months of marriage they kept things spicy and continued to feel the passion.  In her eyes he still completed her and she trusted him.  It was rather nice to settle in to normal life and put the struggles behind them.  But something changed and she couldn’t see it at first but there love-making had lessen and she saw a different, more withdrawn lover before her.  One night near July 4th 2000, she remembers this because they just got her dream car, a Toyota Celica.  They celebrated but something was under the surface.  She eventually approached him and after a heated argument he said “I don’t love you anymore.”  Really?!?!  After 10 months of marriage, what had changed, what did she do wrong.  But it wasn’t anything she could fix, it was him, he met someone during his club outings.  Cheating, that’s what it was, and it was happening to her.  He didn’t only fall for this scarlet, he cared enough for her to give up on their love.  To destroy what they built and planned.  But not only did she feel that utter pain and blackness of his cheating but she discovered that her friends who accompanied him to these clubs, knew.  I don’t know how much they knew but they knew and didn’t say a word.  The pain that came with this news was heart wrenching but little did she know that this betrayal would change her life forever.  It wasn’t only a break up, a divorce, it was a scar that would keep ripping her open over and over again. This experience would cause an astonishing ripple effect and take her on a path in her life that no one would’ve predicted.

Author: Carrie

Welcome to my site, after years of hiding behind the shame of living with Bipolar I want to share my story and help others without the judgement by simply being Me.

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